[Maildev] Engineering Council or Engineering Steering Committee (ESC) - where art thou?

Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 19:36:57 EDT 2018

On 31-Aug-18 5:44 PM, Magnus Melin wrote:
> On 31-08-2018 09:55, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
>> On 31/08/2018 01:30, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>>> The ESC is *not* in charge of the UI, only of technical aspects.
>> The larger technical aspect is: How much of an HTML editor do we want 
>> Thunderbird to be.
> Yes there are larger technical aspects that can be discussed.
> Thunderbird is an email client, and aspiring personal information 
> manager supporting various communication protocols. It is not, and was 
> never designed to be used as an HTML editor though it has HTML email 
> editing capabilities.
/Our users want a Microsoft word like capability of control the 
appearance of their content.  The want and expect something with the 
capabilities and ease of use of Outlook. (Which uses Word as an 
editor.)  A decade ago there were bug marked Outlook Parity because it 
is a good place to look at user pointing features.

The reality is the Mozilla editor is rubbish.  Carets just disappear, 
Text hightlighting with the Mouse gets out of control (and refuses to 
stop without the escape key).  These "features" of the editor are 
obvious on the SUMO web site,  so they are not just Thunderbird 
implementation issues.  This is an area requiring a lot of work to bring 
it up to a standard our users expect.

So my engineering question is to we persist with the Mozilla editor 
(which Mozilla have expressed the view they are not intending to work on 
it, it is good enough) or get with the rewrite so we can have a 
plug-able editor.  Then the user can have a choice and we do not run the 
risk it will join XUL on the cutting room floor.

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