[Maildev] Engineering Council or Engineering Steering Committee (ESC) - where art thou?

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Fri Aug 31 14:27:04 EDT 2018

Colors are not part of HTML. (they were at one point in time, but they were neither originally, nor are now)

HTML is about structure, not presentation. the reader software can present the structure in a way that is pleasant to the reader user.

i think this is very appropriate for the email context.

Am 31. August 2018 08:55:11 MESZ schrieb "Jörg Knobloch" <jorgk at jorgk.com>:
>On 31/08/2018 01:30, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>> The ESC is *not* in charge of the UI, only of technical aspects.
>The larger technical aspect is: How much of an HTML editor do we want 
>Thunderbird to be.
>There appear to be tendencies to deconstruct HTML capabilities for no 
>apparent reason, or perhaps with the argument, that you can do stupid 
>things with it. Some recent quotes:
>Yack (sic) - too many things inherited from Editor :(
>Falls into the category we-have-it-because-we-inherited-editor -
>fairly little reason to have something like this in an email client.
>So I just wanted to present the (perceived) tendency of the module
>to a wider audience. However, since we follow the Mozilla module owner 
>system, the module owner makes the final call and all discussion is
>or less futile.
>I reiterate that the so-called ESC as a larger group of developers, see
>for a proposed list of members, has not been established and even the 
>group of "technical directors" of Magnus, BenB, Kent and myself as per 
>Thunderbird Council decision of 2017-06-23 as decision makers is under 
>discussion of being abolished again. Certainly not all people in the 
>group are still available or their membership has been questioned 
>otherwise, see 
>So as I see it: During the course of the year we have achieved nothing 
>except the creation of the Maildev mailing list, and steps of getting 
>more people involved in the decision making, not only the discussion, 
>are even being wound back. So much for governance changes :-(
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