[Maildev] ESC: (possible) conflict resolution #1 - bug 690644, was: Engineering Council or Engineering Steering Committee (ESC) - where art thou?

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Thu Aug 30 19:30:07 EDT 2018

Jörg Knobloch schrieb am 20.08.2018 um 21:26:
> On 20/08/2018 09:42, Magnus Melin wrote:
>> Let's keep these discussions in the relevant bugs though. 
> Well, no, since Ben asked me to post it here to inform anyone 
> interested in the technical discussion.
> If no agreement can be reached by the people involved in the bug, a 
> decision has to be reached somehow, otherwise the issue remains in a 
> deadlock and the current situation which is bad - on which 
> surprisingly everyone agrees - will just be locked in forever.

I'm in favor of *not* setting a background color by default. (Last time 
I checked, we did set a background color by default, which I think is 
wrong, but it's a long time ago that I checked).

I would even be in favor of not allowing the user to set any color. 
(Note that if we allow the user to set a foreground color for some text, 
we need to also set the background color at the same time.)

I don't care much about the UI, but "[ ] Set background color 
[colorpicker]" makes sense to me. For the UI, I refer to Richard, who is 
in charge of the UI. The ESC is *not* in charge of the UI, only of 
technical aspects.


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