[Maildev] ESC: (possible) conflict resolution #1 - bug 690644, was: Engineering Council or Engineering Steering Committee (ESC) - where art thou?

Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 20:00:34 EDT 2018

I think what we need is two settings. One to specify the background 
colour of that being composed and another for the actual UI.  A number 
of times I have seen folk wanting to modify the compose background for 
aesthetic reasons, or just to make it less eye watering white.  But they 
do not want to specify a background colour for their email.  At the 
moment all of my compose window is a pale grey, until I get to the 
compose part and it changes to bright white


On 19-Aug-18 5:14 AM, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
> We currently have two preferences, msgcompose.text_color and 
> msgcompose.background_color, which determine which colour tags the 
> body element will receive, like: <body text="#FF0000" 
> bgcolor="#3333FF">. Both preferences are exposed in the preferences UI 
> with colour pickers. Those body tag colours can be suppressed with a 
> "per message" option "Reader's default colors (Don't set colors in 
> page)" in "Format > Page Colors and Background".
> Magnus proposal is to introduce a new hidden preference 
> msgcompose.default_colors (defaulting to true) which will enable the 
> "per message" option global whilst at the same time hiding the 
> existing preferences by removing the colour pickers from the UI.
> Richard and I are proposing to add the new preference to the UI (also 
> defaulting to true) and disable the colour pickers when the "reader's 
> default colors" option is selected.
> Magnus can best present his arguments himself. As far as I understand 
> them, he wants to remove HTML editor capabilities from the editor, 
> quote: "Yack(sic) - too many things inherited from Editor :(" and 
> thinks that users can mess up outgoing mail when choosing colours and 
> default font size, and they are made to believe that the e-mail is 
> displayed as the recipients end as it was sent.
> It is true that Gmail ignores body colour tags, Hotmail ignores the 
> text colour while honouring the background colour, whereas European 
> GMX is honouring both. Richard's an my argument is that we shouldn't 
> remove existing functionality (or make it mostly hidden) since we have 
> no telemetry data on its use. Furthermore body colour tags are valid 
> HTML and we can't dumb down our rather sophisticated application to 
> the lowest common denominator. We also think that the proposed 
> compromise to remove those body colour tags by *visible* default is an 
> acceptable solution. As Magnus would ask: "What's not to like?".
> Jörg.
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