[Maildev] Engineering Council or Engineering Steering Committee (ESC) - where art thou?

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at iki.fi
Sat Aug 18 14:48:11 EDT 2018

On 18-08-2018 00:22, Jörg Knobloch wrote:
> On 17/08/2018 22:57, Magnus Melin wrote:
>> Regarding scope, I think you misunderstood the intention of the 
>> group. It's not about decisions in individual bugs, it's about the 
>> larger picture.
> Conflict resolution is one of the tasks, hopefully only a marginal one.

On larger directions sure, but not really on scope for individual bugs.

Well, perhaps in case the bug has some urgency. But sometimes a 
"conflict" does not need a quick resolution, and it's easier to resolve 
in a way pleasing all parties later on when circumstances are different.


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