[Maildev] Compiling with M-C as top source directory

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at jorgk.com
Sun Apr 22 09:52:21 EDT 2018

Hi fine friends of Thunderbird and people with fast processors, SSDs and 
at least 4 GB of RAM ;-)

If you want to continue compiling your favourite application locally, 
please consider switching to "M-C as top source directory". People doing 
so are no longer the avant-garde; things have changed and people 
compiling with C-C as top source directory will no longer be supported 
and things will stop working for them. On Windows, they already get a 
build warnings and, unless I missed something, some Xpcshell tests don't 
run locally any more.

So let's compare old and new.

You checked out C-C, in there, you created a directory "mozilla" and 
checked out M-C.
Your .mozconfig had |ac_add_options --enable-application=mail|.
You could refresh your local repositories with |python client.py checkout|.
To build, you used |mozilla/mach build|.
To run Xpcshell tests |mozilla/mach xpcshell-test 
To run Mozmill tests (from the obj dir) |mozmake 
SOLO_TEST=newmailaccount/test-newmailaccount.js mozmill-one|.

You check out M-C, in there, you create a directory "comm" and check out 
C-C (see below).
Your .mozconfig needs |ac_add_options --enable-application=comm/mail|.
|python client.py checkout| does not work any more, you need to use |hg 
pull -u| twice.
To build, use |mach build|.
To run Xpcshell tests |mach xpcshell-test 
Running Mozmill tests hasn't changed.

Of course, to switch from the old setup to the new, you don't need to 
checkout fresh copies. You can just shuffle files around. The object 
directory will now sit as a sibling next to "comm". So delete the 
previous object directory before moving things.

I attach a picture of the new setup.


is now sadly out of date :-(

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