[Maildev] addons.thunderbird.net status

Andrei Hajdukewycz sancus at thunderbird.net
Fri Nov 17 03:01:24 EST 2017

After a long journey, https://addons.thunderbird.net/ is running in very 
testing-only shape.

  * It only has the tiny dev test database loaded, so there are no
    actual add-ons to download.
  * Caching, Elasticsearch, and Firefox Accounts(for login) services are
    fully functional. You can login, but of course it will just make a
    new profile for you.
  * It's running on a single ec2 instance right now, behind an elastic
    load balancer, connected to all the above services. When done, it
    will be running on multiple such instances and will additionally
    have Amazon Cloudfront in front of the ELB.
  * The Thunderbird client APIs(discovery pane, versioncheck, etc)
    aren't running yet.
  * Of course, it may go down repeatedly and for long durations over the
    next two weeks, so if you read this some time after it was sent and
    the site is broken, that's expected.

My Mozilla ops contact is busy with this week's AMO prod issues and 
firefox 57, and I do not have direct access to the live AMO prod 
database(or anything in their VPC, actually). We've scheduled some time 
to do this late next week, at which point the site should be ready for 
testing. In the mean time, I'm going to get the back-end services 
running so everything is ready to go for testing as soon as we complete 
the database and add-on file copies.

We are a couple of weeks behind the original schedule, and I apologize 
for that. Unfortunately this has been a very large amount of work 
understanding and duplicating an undocumented, complex system using a 
number of technologies I hadn't used before. Fortunately, the AMO team 
has no urgent need to disable the classic addons.mozilla.org site 
<https://addons.mozilla.org/thunderbird/>, and in fact they need to keep 
it running anyway because the new front-end doesn't have all features 
implemented yet.

So the new *scheduled release date for addons.thunderbird.net is 
December 4, 2017*. That is the date that all traffic(including backend 
traffic) can be redirected, and the new site will be ready for full use. 
This is 2.5 weeks from now, because while I expect the database clone to 
be done next week, given the way things have been going I felt we should 
build in some extra time. If nothing else, it will allow for more 
testing before we enable the redirects.

*At the latest, next update will be for the week ending November 26, 

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