[Maildev] Integrating Import/Export Tools

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Wed Dec 6 17:43:03 EST 2017

Our most popular extension is importexporttools 
https://addons.mozilla.org/de/thunderbird/addon/324492 .

Indeed, if you buy another computer and want to move Thunderbird to the 
new computer, that's the best approach, to export the profile, pack it 
up in a ZIP, then extract it on the new machine and add it to profiles 
there. It's trivial for us, but it requires editing profiles.ini and 
stuff, possibly adapting directory paths, and users shouldn't have to do 
that. That's the gap that this profile fills.

It's also useful to make backups. No backup, no mercy, right? How does 
Thunderbird support backups? The Thunderbird profile is probably the 
most valuable asset in the Windows AppData folder. The AppData folders 
are usually completely cluttered with useless nonsense, and AppData is 
not even accessible for users in Windows, unless you change well-hidden 
settings. A common user normally only needs to back her files (photos, 
Word documents etc.), and her emails. So, Thunderbird should support to 
make specific backups of our users emails.

For both of these reasons, and probably a number of other important use 
cases where you want to take your emails with you, importing and 
exporting profiles including emails in local folders should be core 

importexporttools provides this functionality. We should either 
integrate it into Thunderbird, if the code is good, or rewrite the parts 
that can be simplified or made more reliable.

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