[Maildev] Thunderbird gone from AMO landing page?

Jonathan Kamens jik at kamens.us
Thu Dec 14 14:45:35 EST 2017

(If this is the wrong place to discuss this, please kindly redirect me
to the right place.)

I visited AMO today and discovered that it is no longer possible to
browse Thunderbird add-ons from the home page.

I recall seeing emails cross my inbox recently about the work to set up
a new web site for Thunderbird add-ons, but I was under the impression
that work wasn't finished yet, and in any case even once it is done it
will take months and months for the changes to Thunderbird itself to
talk to the new site to propagate out to everywhere, won't it?

In the meantime, there's no web interface for browsing Thunderbird
add-ons? This doesn't seem optimal, to say the least.

All is not lost, though. It's still possible to view the page for an
add-on if you already know the URL and navigate to it directly. And once
you're on the page for an existing Thunderbird add-on, which is still
using the legacy AMO interface, you can search for other Thunderbird
add-ons from that page. Still, most users aren't going to be able to do
any of this.


Jonathan Kamens

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