[Maildev] Supporting old TB versions

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at iki.fi
Sun Dec 10 16:08:50 EST 2017

On 10-12-2017 14:53, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Jonathan Kamens wrote on 09.12.17 23:56:
>> in some cases the distribution maintainers have backported patches to 
>> older versions of Thunderbird, so it's entirely possible that a user 
>> is running a version of Thunderbird earlier than 52 without the 
>> vulnerabilities you're worried about. 
> That's a myth. Nobody has managed to do that. Many have backported 
> patches, but nobody has managed to keep it secure. I think such claims 
> are false and highly dangerous for end users.
> You may of course do what you want with your code, but please do not 
> expect support from TB project for supporting unsupported TB versions.


Users running a distribution where current Thunderbird isn't a supported 
version probably are probably running an EOL:d distribution altogether 
(so that's even worse). Linux distributions, even LTS, do update to 
major Thunderbird versions.


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