[Maildev] Integrating popular and useful extensions into TB

ace acelists at atlas.sk
Sat Dec 9 17:56:36 EST 2017

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Predmet: Re: [Maildev] Integrating popular and useful extensions into TB
Od: Jonathan Kamens <jik at kamens.us>
Pre: ace <acelists at atlas.sk>, Thunderbird email developers
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Dátum: Sat, 9 Dec 2017 16:36:20 -0500

> On 12/9/17 9:53 AM, ace wrote:
>> If we clearly separated the addon code in the tree (e.g. by putting it
>> as a subdir in /mailnews/extensions) you wouldn't need to look at the
>> "crap unpleasant code" in other folders. Problem with requesting tests
>> or negotiations would be solved if you were marked as the owner of that
>> subdir.
>> Yes, the long time between fixing something and releasing to public is
>> valid. But if those fixes were made on ESR in point releases, this delay
>> would be at most 6 weeks. Is that not acceptable?
> You are not going to convince me that maintaining code in the
> Thunderbird tree will be easier for me than maintaining a separate
> add-on, so please don't waste your time or mine trying.
> I am not saying that there aren't advantages to the code being in the
> tree. I'm saying that I, and I'd venture to say most other add-on
> maintainers as well, will find it much more inconvenient to maintain
> code in the tree, and you will scare off some add-on maintainers if you
> impose this as a requirement.
> None of the reasons why we originally chose to maintain our code as
> add-ons rather than as part of Thunderbird have changed. At most, some
> of the difficulties with maintaining code in the Thunderbird code base
> have gotten incrementally better, but the change has not been dramatic.

Well, it seems integrating the addons was just a proposal to save the
addon code (which users do use) for those where the authors are
absent/inactive. This wouldn't be necessary if addon authors did they
job and observed Firefox/toolkit changes and maintained their addons.
Notice if the addons were for Firefox, all the
idle/unmaintained/not-rewritten-for-webextensions ones would be dead by
now and nobody would talk about saving them or integrating them.

I do not understand the uproar and requests from addons authors towards
the TB developers to create lists and solutions for changes in
Firefox/Toolkit (!) when this information is readily available on the
Mozilla wiki and has Firefox teams behind it maintaining it

So no, I'm not trying to convince you of anything. If you maintain your
addon properly and it does work in TB59 (except bug 1414398), then there
is no need to integrate your addon and it will be scratched from the
list. Then you do not even need to observe this discussion anymore as it
does not apply to you.



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