[Maildev] add-ons in thunderbird 59 - not compatible by default

Matt Harris unicorn.consulting at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 16:37:54 EST 2017

On 07-Dec-17 7:32 PM, Magnus Melin wrote:
> Traditionally add-ons have been set to be compatible by default, i.e. 
> not needed an action from the add-on author to continue to function 
> when Thunderbird does a major version update. Many times the add-ons 
> haven't really worked and caused strange bug reports. For Thunderbird 
> 59 it doesn't make sense to keep the compatible by default scheme. If 
> the add-on hasn't been updated, it very likely will cause problems - 
> and that's not in anybody's best interest.
> So let's change the scheme to not-compatible by default. Comments?
>  -Magnus
I would support that, I would be happier if we provided a back out for 
the update if the user wants it following the notification that 
compatibility is unlikely without an update so these ones have been 
marked incompatible and disabled.

Support is full up following updates of users that want to "roll back" 
the latest update.  This is normally due to problems with application 
firewalls and security software, or add-ons.  But I think we have to 
bite the bullet and actually offer a one click let me out of here 
option.  Regardless of the reason,  or how silly it is we are in the 
business of offering products to users and they have expectations.  One 
of them is that they can revert to yesterday when they were comfortable 
in their ignorance. Perhaps opt them out of automatic updates for a week 
or two.  Then their anti virus will have caught up and they will be 
happy campers that we fixed the bad release.

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