[Maildev] Integrating popular and useful extensions into TB

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Thu Dec 7 14:06:15 EST 2017

Jonathan Kamens wrote on 07.12.17 15:11:
> The code base is huge and convoluted, the mixture of different 
> technologies (C++, JavaScript, others) makes things cumbersome, much 
> of the code is crap and unpleasant to work with, the build process -- 
> although it is getting better -- is cumbersome, it takes a long time 
> to build and takes up a huge amount of disk space, incremental builds 
> frequently fail due to other people's changes and force a rebuild from 
> scratch, writing test cases is unpleasant and complex, when I do take 
> the time to make and submit fixes to other people's code in the code 
> base my fixes are frequently ignored or I'm told they won't be 
> accepted unless I also submit unit tests (as an open-source author of 
> many software packages, I never demand that someone submitting fixes 
> to me also write test cases; if they go through significant time and 
> effort to identity the root cause of a bug and provide a fix, I owe it 
> to them to meet them halfway and do the tests if I think they're 
> necessary), it frequently takes many months to a fix to make it from 
> being committed to being released to the world, making changes to the 
> code base frequently requires negotiation, bargaining, and 
> collaboration with people who do not always have the time to respond 
> promptly and do not always contribute constructively, etc., etc.

Thanks, jik for the above list of problems you encountered. I concur 
with a lot of what you said above.

>  let me suggest an alternative. Rather than trying to integrate these 
> add-ons into the Thunderbird code base, offer to assist the 
> maintainers of these add-ons by doing the minimal work necessary to 
> get each add-on "over the hump" and compatible with Thunderbird moving 
> forward, and then, having done that work, let the maintainer of the 
> add-on continue to maintain it as an add-on.

What concrete help would you appreciate most from the TB project?


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