[Maildev] Obligatory GitHub vs Mercurial (Mozilla-hosted) Question

Ryan Sipes ryan at thunderbird.net
Mon Dec 4 18:03:04 EST 2017

Fine folks of the Thunderbird MailDev mailing list, I'm here to ask a 
question regarding our continued use of Mercurial for projects related 
to Thunderbird's development:

Given the current software development landscape (specifically when 
looking at open source development), is managing development on 
Mozilla's infrastructure the best place to do so?

Side-stepping any argument of Git vs Mercurial, I believe we have seen 
GitHub emerge as the place people go to work collaboratively on open 
source projects by default. With even projects with existing competitors 
(Canonical's Launchpad, anyone?), moving away from their own 
infrastructure in order to adopt GitHub for the sake of attracting more 

Has their been any formal discussion of moving parts of the project (or 
all of it) to GitHub? What would be the drawbacks in doing so?

Feedback welcome.


Ryan Sipes
Thunderbird Community Manager

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